Bellami Hair Wigs – Launch Party Event


Bellami had a launch party for their new wig line at the Bellami Beauty Bar located in West Hollywood. I spotted many women with amazing makeup on there and I definitely knew they were awesome at either doing YouTube makeup tutorials and/or slaying with the Instagram photos. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to try any of the wigs on but hopefully in the future I can do so. It’s a fun thought to be able to quickly change your hair style and color without having to do it permanently.

There was an open bar and small hors d’oeuvres being served. I wish there was more vegetarian options but that’s ok it was a cute space, many people, and fun vibes.

I should have felt the hair to give you a better description but I got a bit distracted with socializing =P Check out my vlog above, I also unbag the goodie bag.

Would you try a Bellami Wig?

Peruse the site here:

Blackhead Removal Mask – Shills Black Mask

Have any of you tried these masks? Did you see people do full body black masks lol what the heck.

I saw M&M Savings do a Facebook ad so that’s where I purchased it. The Shills Black Mask is also on Amazon:

Thank goodness for the Mirakle Cream by, it helped soothe my skin!
Code: JESS2017 for $10 off until 12/31/2017

Honest AMI Clubwear Try On Haul (First Impressions) || Festival Season


I’m on the hunt for festival pieces I can integrate into my outfits for Coachella and Stagecoach. Thought I’d start with AMI Clubwear since they are an inexpensive site that has trendy items. Not everything is my style but I definitely found a few things I liked! I really like the blue and white floral dress and then the two piece white floral set best. I also learned that I personally need to do an entire size up at AMI, is this the case for any of you? If you do shop on AMI make sure to keep on the lookout for the sales they have! I see 50% off retail price often. They have a 30 day return policy (from the date of receipt) and for store credit only.

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My Current Weight

Thought I’d put it out there and share with you my weight. I don’t remember exactly my weight number but fairly certain I am 134lbs at the moment. I have some work to do! My midsection is the area that I am most self conscious about so time to try to get rid of that. It’s been 7 years since I’ve really been in shape. Kind of insane how the type flies by. Anyhow thought I’d chit chat with you about my current weight and content I’d like to do for you all!

Dentist Appointment Time! – Wilshire Smile Studio

3/20 – First Appointment

After 3 years, I finally went to the dentist. I know, I know wayyy too long especially since I’m one to be prone to cavities. I’ve always had weak teeth ever since I can remember unfortunately. For my first appointment they took various different xrays (even a panoramic one) and did my molds for my customized teeth whitening trey.

Turns out I have a few cavities and need to do a few crowns. Not that surprising and I am so thankful I don’t have to do any root canals! But what was surprising is that I have a few fillings that were done a bit incorrectly where it’s making it difficult for me floss. Thanks to my past dentist….lol jk but I was always wondering why floss would get stuck so then it’d discourage me to floss!

Wilshire Smile Studio:

3/27 – Second Appointment

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Natural Deodorant! – Honestly pHresh

I wanted to quickly rave about this product because I use it every day. Over the last year I have been very intrigued with using natural deodorants. I mean why do we want harsh chemicals in that area? I personally use the Bombay Rose roll-on and I love that it’s simple for me to use and isn’t drying. For those looking for an anti-perspirant the roll-ons tend to work best for most but I have also heard the creams do well too. These deodorants aren’t listed as anti-perspirant btw.

The base ingredient is Magnesium which is great for your body. We generally are deficient in Mg so this is an easy to way to get a daily dosage. Magnesium is responsible for over 300 biochemical reactions in our bodies. Obviously very important! There are deodorant sticks and deodorant creams also available however I immediately gravitated to the roll-on since I don’t like touching creams.

When using the roll-on it does take a minute to dry but I really don’t mind. There have only been a few occasions where I felt like I needed to apply a 2nd time but again doesn’t bother me. When it comes to using a deodorant that actually doesn’t contain bad chemicals I’m totally on board.

I have heard that different scents work better for different people so be mindful of that!

Don’t Ever: A Message To My 2016 Ex

He won’t see this since I thought it’d be best to block him on social media so he wouldn’t have a chance of being updated on my life and my feelings. I’m hoping this is another stepping stone to helping me heal as we never had a proper form of closure. I also do know I’m not the only one who goes through this shit in life so herreee ya go.

After my ex before him, I thought ok it’s going to take me awhile to have strong feelings for anyone and I accept that. But this one came along, let’s call him….Dave =P, and it turns out we have a very fiery connection. Exactly what I was looking for. The passion, the laughs, the comfortability, the goofiness, the romance, the attraction, the silliness, family vision, work ethic, and morals were all in line.

Ya know Mr. Big in Sex In The City? He’s kind of like my Mr. Big. I did find myself trying to hold back with my feelings as having my prior relationship end was hard on me and now I feel as if this was just a subconscious game to him to get me to bring my walls down.

To briefly explain, our “relationship” was one of those strange off and on situations from the very start. But we always seemed to connect over and over again because we just couldn’t help it and we kept remaining in each others minds. So I do know part of this is my doing for letting him convince me to keep going back to him.

I wish him well and hope he’s happy. I hope he finds a relationship that is well suited for him even though he convinced me that’s what we had and were going to have lol. Damn.

A message to you, “Dave”:

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Estee Lauder First Impressions #AdvancedNightRepair

Thought I’d try to do a quick video of new products I buy or receive so that you can better see what the products look like. I’m looking forward to trying the face/eye masks and ampoules most. Thinking about doing this more often!

Here are products from the Advanced Night Repair collection from Estee Lauder.

Sub to my YT channel:

See photos below:

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My New Pink Hair! by Renee Taglia

It has been a minute since I have gotten my hair done and thank goodness one of my newer gf’s, Renee, is a pro at coloring! She also is a Wella educator 🙂 Now, I will have to say I definitely wasn’t planning on having pink hair when I first walked in to see her haha. I honestly had no idea what I wanted. I was actually thinking of freshening up the blonde but wasn’t tied down to it. She asked me if I wanted to have pink in my hair and I just said why not! I have never had pink before so thought it could be fun. Renee darkened my base color and then did pink highlights. I have to say…I’m pretty obsessed and feel a bit sassier than usual =P (See below for before & after photos)


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Indie Beauty Expo LA 2017

I decided to go to Indie Beauty Expo LA, at the California Market Center, this year and really enjoyed my experience! It’s a beauty expo where you get to see Indie brands and visit their booths to learn more about their products. There were many innovative products which I’m excited about trying. If you attend in the future, you’ll find many products are organic, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.

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