Museum Of Ice Cream Los Angeles

There was an extension on tickets for the Museum of Ice Cream LA so I hopped on it and got 2. Luckily the person I signed up to go with me was a good sport even though he would generally never go to something like this haha. But we actually had a lot of fun! I will say the sprinkle pit kind of freaked both of us out as we just thought of germs tbh. Another friend said that the material the sprinkles are made of don’t pick up germs but I just have a hard time believing that so I could barely get myself to go in. However it was a fun Thursday going through the rooms. They gave you little treats in each room also! Some ice cream, some candy.

I give major props to the staff that is there to pep people up before entering. I felt as all of us were really mellow but they were dancing and very bubbly and friendly which was fun to see.

There is a Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco so I’d suggest checking it out for a fun girls night or date night!

See below for more pics & a vlog video

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