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3/20 – First Appointment

After 3 years, I finally went to the dentist. I know, I know wayyy too long especially since I’m one to be prone to cavities. I’ve always had weak teeth ever since I can remember unfortunately. For my first appointment they took various different xrays (even a panoramic one) and did my molds for my customized teeth whitening trey.

Turns out I have a few cavities and need to do a few crowns. Not that surprising and I am so thankful I don’t have to do any root canals! But what was surprising is that I have a few fillings that were done a bit incorrectly where it’s making it difficult for me floss. Thanks to my past dentist….lol jk but I was always wondering why floss would get stuck so then it’d discourage me to floss!

Wilshire Smile Studio:

3/27 – Second Appointment

I had to split my appointments up due to time constraints so today I am going in for my cleaning and to pick up my customized at-home whitening kit. Will let you know when I get back!


Everyone is so sweet there! I appreciated Dr. Elyassi poking in and checking to see if I was ok during my cleaning. The cleaning went well! Gina was so gentle with me. She put numbing gel on my gums since I am super sensitive so that helped quite a bit. There were only a few times where the air on my teeth bothered me a bit and felt slightly too cold to me (although it’s not even cold it’s room temp but my teeth are extremely sensitive)

I did pick up my whitening treys which I was supposed to start the night after my cleaning (It’s Mar 31 currently) and I have been so scatter brained with work so I haven’t started but I will! The treys are different than those that you buy online since they are more customized and they are smaller. I tried them on and like the fit. I don’t think I’ll be salivating¬†as much with them on. That is such a pet peeve when I’m using whitening treys, one reason why I never do it =P

I do¬†have my third appointment on Monday, April 3rd, to do 2 fillings. I will be probably be going into the dentist probably 10 times over the next 6 months (lol). I have fillings and crowns to do and I want to continue with getting a cleaning every once in awhile. I want to split up my appointments because I’m a huge wimp and not sure if I can deal with doing working on more than 2 teeth at a time and they were super friendly with understanding that. They also said they will give me extra anesthesia thank goodness!

Keep in mind when driving there you do valet your car in the structure so you should have a $20 bill on you to cover for the $15 valet + some for tip. Also currently there is construction happening in the downstairs lobby.



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