Don’t Ever: A Message To My 2016 Ex

He won’t see this since I thought it’d be best to block him on social media so he wouldn’t have a chance of being updated on my life and my feelings. I’m hoping this is another stepping stone to helping me heal as we never had a proper form of closure. I also do know I’m not the only one who goes through this shit in life so herreee ya go.

After my ex before him, I thought ok it’s going to take me awhile to have strong feelings for anyone and I accept that. But this one came along, let’s call him….Dave =P, and it turns out we have a very fiery connection. Exactly what I was looking for. The passion, the laughs, the comfortability, the goofiness, the romance, the attraction, the silliness, family vision, work ethic, and morals were all in line.

Ya know Mr. Big in Sex In The City? He’s kind of like my Mr. Big. I did find myself trying to hold back with my feelings as having my prior relationship end was hard on me and now I feel as if this was just a subconscious game to him to get me to bring my walls down.

To briefly explain, our “relationship” was one of those strange off and on situations from the very start. But we always seemed to connect over and over again because we just couldn’t help it and we kept remaining in each others minds. So I do know part of this is my doing for letting him convince me to keep going back to him.

I wish him well and hope he’s happy. I hope he finds a relationship that is well suited for him even though he convinced me that’s what we had and were going to have lol. Damn.

A message to you, “Dave”:

Don’t ever tell me how much you care about me

Don’t ever tell me how I made a big impact on you

Don’t ever give me the keys to your apartment again

Don’t ever ask me to stay at your place and have me waiting for you to get home from work

Don’t ever try to get me back by inviting me to Lakers or Kings games

Don’t ever greet me by using your last name with my first name again

Don’t ever bring up multiple times discussing in full detail of how our wedding should be (Mind you I never brought this subject up first, it was always him)

Don’t ever ask me multiple times what engagement rings I like but then tell me not to worry about it since you know what would look good on me

Don’t ever invite Hendricks and I over to cuddle with you

Don’t ever call me babe, baby, sexy, sweety ever again

Don’t ever tell me to consider waiting to move to a different apartment

Don’t ever discuss living together and when we should move in together

Don’t ever invite me to dinners

Don’t ever refer to me as your wife again or Mrs. (insert “Dave’s” last name here)

Don’t ever tell me how you get emotional about thinking of me walking down the isle to you

Don’t ever plan with me what songs should be at our wedding

Don’t ever ask me to give you massages and head scratches to help you from your stressful day lol

Don’t ever invite me to come stay with you at a festival

Don’t ever invite me to any of your work functions

Don’t ever tell me to hurry to get to you when you know the drive from the valley to Playa can be horrendous at times

Don’t ever tell me you can’t delete my number from your phone, GET RID OF IT haha

Don’t ever tell me you can’t wait to have me pregnant with your children

Don’t ever bring up what our children’s name should be

Don’t ever tell me that I make you want to be a better man

Don’t ever have discussions with me trying to compromise with how many kids we should have when you know I want more than your number (My # may change in the future but currently I want a mini Tribe lol!)

Don’t ever tell me how much your family is going to love me

Don’t ever tell me how our children are only going to be Chiefs fans and aren’t allowed to wear Packers gear when YOU KNOW I freaking love the Packers. Back up lol

Don’t ever bring up the Chiefs playing against my Packers and them winning or losing. In fact don’t ever talk to me about the Packers again.

Don’t ever tell me you’re in love with me

Don’t ever tell me how you think of me as your future

Don’t ever tell me you dream about me

Don’t ever check up on me especially since I’m obviously doing fine, always will be

Don’t ever tell me how my ex was messed up for letting me go when HELLO you did the same thing lol *palm to face*

Yes I still have love for you and yes I miss you like crazy but I know what I deserve and know someone special will be in my future. Eventually, when the timing is right, I will be with the right man for me.

So to conclude, don’t ever come back to me ever again.

*Drop the mic* LOL

Don't Ever: A Message To My Ex (FULL BLOG LINK IN MY BIO) I can't sleep so here's a vid of some items in my blogpost. Slightly anxious about this but I need a creative outlet for these feelings I have. This is hopefully another stepping stone for me to heal as I never received proper closure. I did block him on social so he wouldn't be updated of me doing these posts. This all is solely focused on trying to help me heal. . . . This goes out to any of you with heartbreak. We'll of course be happy but it's ok to feel sad and let yourself feel whatever is going on. Just know it really does ALWAYS get better. I appreciate all the support and kind words and don't you worry I'm going to be JUST fine 😉 Using these feelings as inspiration. #breakup #exboyfriend #heartache #heartbreak

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