FabFitFun Spring Unboxing

843A9858Thought I’d go ahead and make a post with photos of the products from the FabFitFun Spring 2016 box for you guys. See below to view my unboxing video. I’ve always liked FabFitFun boxes because you do get a fitness and lifestyle item in the boxes and that’s what I most get excited about. It’s great there are beauty items as well! You can get $10 off your box from FabFitFun.com with code JESSIKA.



Love this! First of all I have been needing to get a resistance band and to have a second use for it to use for my mat is perfect especially since I’ve been very into yoga lately.

843A9860 You’ll probably notice from my video that I got super excited about the Kitchen Herb Garden DY kit haha. I just love stuff like that though!


The Hello Legs lotion seems perfect to use for a hot date and omg did I love the smell of this hair oil! You also will notice that in my video. If you have this box and you have smelled the oil you’ll know exactly what I mean.

843A9862  Can’t wait to pamper myself with these bath bombs too, I don’t think I have any actually.

843A9867 843A9868I love this necklace, definitely into the dainty jewelry. In fact I just went ahead and put all my statement jewelry in my donation box. Kinda over that. I went ahead and wore this Love necklace right away on a date actually.

The box subscription is $49.99 per season and I’d go ahead and pay that for this box. This box, boxycharm, and the BeautyCon box are my favs atm.



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