Fix Dry, Damaged hair! w/ Aveda

IMG_8723I have had a few weeks to test these out and I still am impressed as I was from the start. You guys have NO idea what a freaking hair journey I’ve had the past few years. It was like my hair was fine then idk it just has felt off the last few years and it’s been driving me insane! It’s like my hair kind of likes a product for 2 seconds and then the next day just feels wack. Sometimes just feels weighed down or still dry to the point where it wasn’t holding curl well. It’s just been frustrating because I used to never have an issue really. I mean I do have an issue with wanting to wash my hair every single day so that is something that I’ve been working to lessen since I know that will just dry your hair out more.

Btw I wasn’t asked to do this blog post but definitely found some stand out products that work for me so I had to feature them!

The first time this combo of products was used on my hair I could immediately tell the difference. It really felt the life was brought back into my hair and no I’m not just saying that because these were gifted. I have felt such an improvement that without a doubt I’ll be purchasing all of these products again. Now I can’t say if these work well individually. I just ¬†know that this combination works and I’m going to stick with it until my hair starts feeling weird again, which let’s hope it doesn’t. Sometimes in the past I find my hair gotten immune to products I use, idk if that’s in my head though.

The 2 stand out products in the bunch are the Smooth Infusion Nourishing Cream and the Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment. My hair absolutely needs both of these to achieve the feeling that my hair isn’t dry. I have used the Damage Remedy Treatment as an overnight hair mask and I find that really helps me out. I would like to do that once a week or twice a week. The nourishing cream makes it that much smoother right before me styling my hair. Best if applied to damp hair.

Now I don’t want to shove the Damage Remedy Structuring Shampoo and Conditioner to the side because I can tell that my hair does a lot better with these than others I’ve tried in the last few years. I just know I for sure need the other 2 to go along with the shampoo and conditioner to get softer feeling hair. The shampoo and conditioner don’t make my hair feel weighed down and don’t dry my hair out more which is perfect.

As you can see from the links, these do have a slightly higher price point but I literally don’t care I’m still going to buy it haha. I just have been struggling far too long to go back to the way my hair used to feel! Maybe I’m being slightly dramatic but I’m just really happy with the results.

If you don’t want to get all 4 products I’d say at least get the Damage Remedy ¬†Intensive Restructuring Treatment and the Smooth Infusion Nourishing Cream.

Here are some pics and the vlog of my hair transformation getting a fresh cut and Balayage at Planet Salon! I went with a lower layer cut since I wanted it to be fuller looking at the bottom.


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