Indie Beauty Expo LA 2017

I decided to go to Indie Beauty Expo LA, at the California Market Center, this year and really enjoyed¬†my experience! It’s a beauty¬†expo where you get to see Indie brands and visit their booths to learn more about their products. There were many innovative products which I’m excited about trying. If you attend in the future, you’ll find many products are organic, natural, vegan, and cruelty-free.

I was invited to attend the press preview which was a nice experience. I didn’t have nearly enough time to actually speak to each booth. I decided to try to just go to each booth one by one and speak to each person but I only was able to get to about 1/4th of the expo that way. After the press preview was the Shop Indie event where people who bought tickets could come shop the brands at a discount. The following day was Trade Day and I found that there were a lot of retail buyers on the floor, Sephora buyers etc, so I’m sure the brands were more concerned with being able to talk to them first.

I decided to relax a bit more on trade day and take advantage of the flower crown making station. Thistle & Seed was non stop working on free flower crowns, made with real flowers, in honor of the women’s march. They were doing this both days! Also, I very much appreciated the VIP section where there were plenty of seats and water available. I personally love to take breaks so I can snap, tweet, and IG about my day so that section was great.

They did such a great job of having fun places to take pics at so I of course took advantage of that. I really loved the event this year and looking forward to attending future ones. It’s really fun to see what new products are out there and also meet some smaller, upcoming brands I haven’t heard of. They have an event in Dallas & NYC also which I may try to go to, so keep on the lookout for that!

I have some serious beauty product testing to do in the next month. Make sure to check back on my favs!

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