New TJ Maxx Bed Makeover


It’s about time I did a bed makeover! Hendricks ruined my last 2 duvets so now I don’t let him on my bed anymore haha. I really wanted a nice bed to snuggle up in and feel inspired when I wake up in the morning so this was a great change. The total amount I spent on the bed and a few wall decor items was $390 w/ tax included ($235.90 just for the bed items) which I think was a pretty good deal and I purchased everything from TJ Maxx. See below to view the transformation video.

The only real complaint I have about my set up is the sheet set I got. I totally forgot to feel the sheets before purchasing. When I first tried out my new bed set up I realized the sheets felt a bit stiff. I actually now like them and I can’t really complain because they weren’t expensive at all.

Also I couldn’t find a queen sized comforter so I had to go with a King which now it slightly drags on the floor at the foot of my bed but I don’t find it too big of a deal. It just may get dirtier quicker at hte bottom end.


I’ve always wanted a bed tray 😉 I like this set up! Only complaint is that the TJ Maxx stickers didn’t completely come off which kinda bugs me.

I lovveee this furry decor blanket I found. It was the last one at the TJ Maxx I was at and it went perfectly with the pillows I found. I wish it was slightly bigger but it works just fine and I love love it.


I loved adding the hint of beige/tan pillows and blanket.

I always wonder, why are decor pillows always around $25? I sometimes wish they were around $15. I used to make pillows with my Grandmother allll the time when I was a lot younger. She is big into sewing so we would do that a lot when I would spend my Summer days at her place. I always think I should make my own pillows but I don’t have enough patience these days it seems.

I experimented with 4 square pillows from Target a few weeks prior to hitting up TJ Maxx and really didn’t like the outcome of that so I’m glad I figured out that I like 2 rectangle smaller pillows and 1 square one in between. It really takes a lil bit of time to find the combination you really want sometimes.

The non decor pillows I bought from TJ Maxx are sooo comfy to sleep on! Definitely love those. I kept 2 pillows from my old set up to put into the pillow shams but love having new fresh pillows to actually sleep on.


I am so happy I finally decided to do this makeover! I love going to getting into my bed at the end of the day, even getting cuddling in and blogging a bit. I also love waking up in this new bed situation now. It just makes me feel better and I feel ready to get going with the day.

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