Prepping for Breast Augmentation

Welp. I finally did it. I got my boobs done =P I have been oddly wanting this done since Freshman year of High School. I haven’t the slightest idea why I wanted it so young but I did and was always set on it.

I am glad I took the time to grow physically before trying to do this surgery and it was great I waited as it gave me time to really think if this was a good decision for me. Also I felt extremely comfortable with moving forward with the process because one of my girl friends works for Dr. Gabbay . Having a friend there for my very first surgery ever made every last nerve go away!

I am separating this experience into 4 parts: Prep, Surgery Day, Immediate Post Op, and Key Learnings/Answering questions.

I hope you enjoy this and some of you find it useful. Keep in mind each of our bodies heals differently and we all may have different experiences. I know many seek out this information so I want to be as helpful as possible so feel free to ask me questions!

Also I am by no means saying you all need surgery. This is something I’ve been wanting to do for myself and definitely took time to think about it. I totally respect those who are not for surgery, again this is just what I wanted to do 🙂
IG: gabbayplasticsurgery
Snap: drgabbay
433 North Camden Dr
Ste 780
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Office #: 310-905-8858

Tell them I sent you, you’ll get a free consult! Also they do take Care Credit, I suggest, if you need to, putting part on the card and the rest cash so you don’t mess up your credit score too much.

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