Don’t Ever: A Message To My 2016 Ex

He won’t see this since I thought it’d be best to block him on social media so he wouldn’t have a chance of being updated on my life and my feelings. I’m hoping this is another stepping stone to helping me heal as we never had a proper form of closure. I also do know I’m not the only one who goes through this shit in life so herreee ya go.

After my ex before him, I thought ok it’s going to take me awhile to have strong feelings for anyone and I accept that. But this one came along, let’s call him….Dave =P, and it turns out we have a very fiery connection. Exactly what I was looking for. The passion, the laughs, the comfortability, the goofiness, the romance, the attraction, the silliness, family vision, work ethic, and morals were all in line.

Ya know Mr. Big in Sex In The City? He’s kind of like my Mr. Big. I did find myself trying to hold back with my feelings as having my prior relationship end was hard on me and now I feel as if this was just a subconscious game to him to get me to bring my walls down.

To briefly explain, our “relationship” was one of those strange off and on situations from the very start. But we always seemed to connect over and over again because we just couldn’t help it and we kept remaining in each others minds. So I do know part of this is my doing for letting him convince me to keep going back to him.

I wish him well and hope he’s happy. I hope he finds a relationship that is well suited for him even though he convinced me that’s what we had and were going to have lol. Damn.

A message to you, “Dave”:

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