New Kitchen Items

843A0013Wanted to share some new kitchen items I got recently. The main one is this kitchen cart from Origami Rack. It was SO easy to assemble, which, thank goodness. I literally suck at putting home items together.  I chose this item from the site because I have a smaller kitchen and any more counter like space is definitely welcome. Here I decorated it a bit with other items but I definitely want to use this extra surface space during meal prepping. Also I just now realized they have different color options haha not sure how I didn’t see that option before but wanted to let you know you can get this cart in silver, white, black or red.

And hey you can get 15% off your orders from Origami Rack with code JESSIKA15. I actually will most likely use my own code because I need a lot more storage and home decor items and I liked the quality of this kitchen cart. I want to spray paint the bottom portion of the cart gold. What do you think? I can definitely share what it looks like after!

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